Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little things please...

Over the last week I have been making some little outfits for friend's children, I really enjoy making for kids as they are made so quickly.  Also it gives me an excuse to pop into the wonderful Belle Fabrics in Leigh to drool over their fabrics.

I started with a little cross over reversible pinny for Camille. 
Apparently she wore it for two days straight, because it was "swingy" and made her feel like a princess.
Then I made a little reversible wrapover dress for Lola, Cecelia's threee year old grand-daughter, in a pale pink needlecord with a toning cotton fabric... and then I did what I always warn other people about, I forgot to take a picture, so I made another dress in the same pattern yesterday.
Then there was a winter pinafore for Georgia, completed with a matching hair grip and an alternative set of buttons to match the stripey lining... I hid them in the pocket for Georgia to find.
I was wondering if you thought that yummy mummies might buy them if I popped them into an online shop, what do you think?


En4tainment said...

the dress are so sweet, all of them look lovely

KC'sCourt! said...

The little dresses are gorgeous my husband always says to me...there is only one way to find out!
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

Lyn said...

I think the dresses would sell easily - they are wonderful.

If you decide to sell, please price them high enough to compensate for your materials, time and high-quality of the garments.
Quality finish in clothes is hard to find and there will be customers out there wise enough to know the true cost and prepared to pay it.

Lynn Catling said...

I definitely think that they would sell. I adore the simple style. My daughter loves to run around and so I want her to be comfy. These little dresses, as they have no fastenings or tight bits, are perfect for busy little girls. Love the versatility of the reversible pattern and cool fabric. And could be worn in summer or winter. Camille would be a loyal customer (and model).

Ali said...

The dresses are gorgeous. I think they'd sell really well, especially the reversable one. Let's face it us girls are always changing our minds no matter how old we are. Have a lovely weekend.
Ali x

Clipping Path Service Provider said...

Really i just love this dress, for my little sister i am thinking to get such type of sweet dress.

Clipping Path Outsource said...

The wonderful Belle Fabrics in Leigh to drool over their fabrics.
The dresses are gorgeous and so sweet, all of them look lovely.

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